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Municipal Landscaping Chicago

Country Landscape and Supply takes care of municipal properties like schools and churches.

Country Landscape & Supply understands the visual impact that municipal landscaping has on its visitors. We have over 25 years of experience providing full-service tree and lawn care to municipal, corporate, institutional, historic and residential properties throughout the Chicago area and Midwest region. A well groomed and maintained landscape can greatly enhance a property.

Federal, state and local agencies and municipalities depend on our professionalism, expertise, flexible scheduling and customized services. They also count on us to deliver timely solutions and flexible resources, and support when and where they need it. Our commitment goes far beyond aesthetics. We are committed to reducing risks and providing effective solutions that will protect and enhance the value of a client’s investment.

Country Landscape & Supply has been entrusted to care for many government-owned properties on various projects ranging from pruning damaged limbs from street trees over sidewalks and on park grounds; removing dangerous trees from pedestrian walk ways and streets; eliminating limbs obstructing signs and lights on city streets, providing plant health care solutions to townships and the maintenance/restorative pruning of valuable shade trees on college campuses and historic sites

Type Of Municipal Landscaping Projects In Chicago

  • Parks
  • Libraries
  • Medians and right of ways
  • Water utilities facilities
  • Police departments
  • Fire departments
  • Schools
  • Public safety buildings
  • Miscellaneous projects

Our professional landscapers know what you need and want for your municipal landscaping, and will work hard to achieve just that. We maintain communication with departmental managers, and the main office when needed, throughout each project, and will ensure to get our innovative solutions implemented in a timely manner. Call (630) 257-6800 to get a free estimate for your project or plans.

Municipal Landscaping Maintenance

After installation, it is probably time to hire a team to handle the maintenance to keep the area looking sharp. There are a lot of city properties with landscaping to be maintained in Dallas, and our company has been trusted with a lot of them, with great results. Whether it’s regular mowing, trimming, edging or pruning, we will keep the property looking as clean-cut and aesthetic as wanted. Ask us about our rates today, we’ll put together a customized plan for you quickly to give you a free estimate!

We handle all aspects of municipal landscaping in Chicago and the surrounding municipals. No matter what type of government property you are looking to upgrade or maintain, our team of landscapers will do a professional job on it. We have handled scores of libraries, parks, medians, buildings and more for local governments and can make them look great. We’ve been in business as a landscaping company since 1987 and have four decades of experience to put to work for you!