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Residential Landscaping Chicago

No need to be overwhelmed by your residential landscaping project in Lemont IL. Regardless of the project –having a yard already in existence revamped, or planning a landscape project for a new home being built- this helpful overview is here so you can better understand the process from start to finish. Planning your residential landscaping and commercial landscaping is best understood by seeing it as two distinct stages: design and construction. Set up as 2 stages, you will see that each stage is carefully plotted. Country Landscape and Supply takes particular pride in making your outdoor space makeover, or your brand new residential yard spaces as stress free as possible.

Residential Landscaping Photos

Design Build Residential Landscaping

The design stage involves researching, the gathering of ideas, and careful plotting. It’s during this time when you work hand-in-hand with your landscape professional or architect. Country Landscape and Supply are residential landscape specialists and has professionals ready to work with you. Together, you’ll consider the options and needs of your design, like your new yard’s future function, what features you want to include and what landscape style will work best for your plans and your budget. The designing stage is complete when you receive a finished plan that outlines potential location, hardscape material, open air living features and foliage arrangement and choices. This phase can be greatly enhanced with just a little early research on your part. Take note of outdoor spaces and patios that you visit. Which are too small for your project, or too big? What elements would you like to include? Which don’t work in your vision of your new outdoor space? When you take these ideas to your design professional early in the process, you will both be better informed and excited about the project.

What’s Involved In The Construction Process Of Residential Landscaping

The construction phase is the building process from ground breaking to the very end. Designers may sub-contract the labor to a contractor specializing in residential landscapes. Country Landscape and Supply oversees this phase in its entirety. During this stage, designer and contractor work hand-in-hand to breathe life into the design plan that has been previously created. You, too, will remain well-informed as the construction progresses and be kept updated as the project continues and evolves. Country Landscape and Supply’s landscape professionals will stay in close contact to assure the design is going along according to your desires and expectations.

Upon completion of this phase, once all is tested and clean up is done, your outdoor space will be transformed into an oasis for your friends’ and family’s enjoyment.