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Garden Design That Delights and Inspires

When you update your home’s landscape garden design, you enhance the value of your property and craft inviting outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment. Whether you’re looking for garden design ideas for the front or the back yard or your full property area, many attractive options are available. For backyard landscaping, space can be created that entertains and charms relatives and friends alike. Consider an open-air kitchen, fire features, small gardens, fountains or pools. Garden design ideas can blossom into luxuriant gardens that attract wildlife and allow your family to enjoy relaxation and reflection. Front yard landscaping amps up curb appeal with attractive walkways, or plain lawns can undergo dramatic makeovers into eco-friendly gardens. The tips and ideas below can help you determine what your new gardens and landscaping will become.

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Smaller or space-challenged gardens have so many more possibilities than you may realize. A small garden design is perfect for long slender spaces alongside or behind suburban or vintage homes. When you look at your backyard does it seem cramped or shabby? Are there privacy issues? Backyard landscaping is an ideal way of making the most of your brownstone’s limited green space, and the potentials are limitless. No need to give up on that forty-foot by twenty-foot space outside your door. A precise garden design will turn it into a delightful small garden.

For some, shade is a luxury while for others it’s overkill. If you are among the latter, no need to give up hope. A flourishing garden design, even in shaded areas, is achievable! Are you looking to smarten up a shaded backyard deck or patio? Perhaps you want to add color to dark or gloomy border of your lawn, or liven up a tree-shaded path? A carefully planned garden design with thoughtfully chosen plant life is crucial. You will be amazed by the extensive choice of shade-loving foliage and flowers that thrive in filtered light, deep shade, or even in wetlands. Take a look at the variety of options below, and you’ll begin to see the possibilities that abound. The transformation of your landscape’s shaded areas into dramatic low-light gardens can be a reality instead of a fantasy.

Vertical gardens have an astonishing and popular appeal. Community vertical gardens are popping up in major city centers all over the globe. In an urban environment crowded with concrete and architectural trappings do nothing more than poorly imitate nature, a structure blanketed in countless varieties of living foliage is a jaw dropper.

City living often requires creativity and innovative thinking to make use of every square inch of space. One of the best ways to think outside the box and create your own urban out-of-doors retreat is to make use of your roof. Whether you want an outdoor space that entertains and impresses or simply somewhere to raise your own organic vegetables, rooftop gardens fit the bill. All the rage in most major U.S. metropolises, rooftop gardens are a welcome break from the rush and stress of the cities.

Does your front yard look untidy and overgrown? Has the job of mowing your large yard become daunting and discouraging? Do you wish the curb appeal of your house was a lot better than it is? Front yard landscaping is the answer. Below is just a photographic sampling of real-life possibilities that will transform your front lawn into an enjoyable and attractive area.

Retaining Walls add Emphasis to Entrances and create Privacy. This front lawn space was once the usual case of many residences: lots lawn, hardly ever used. The owners depended on us to re-create their front green space. Outside-the-box thinking created exceptional and alluring front yard landscaping that is more than just a front area. It is actively enjoyed and used. Concrete stairs and board formed walls accentuate the approach to the door and entrance. In addition, a semi-private walled patio fashioned around an existing shade tree adds elegance and charm. As a finishing accent, decorative grasses create seasonal interest, save water and enhance the lawn’s environmentally friendly accoutrements.

While considering your own front yard landscaping makeover, you should put thought into your home’s aspects that ought to be emphasized and how to turn the lawns into spaces that will invite use and pleasure. Would you like to turn your front lawn into a space of relaxation and quality family time? Privacy will be a primary concern that can easily be produced via walls, garden design or a living plant screen.

Design a Grand Entrance via with Spacious Walkways & Arbors. This house is in the midst front yard remodeling. When Country Landscape and Supply took on this project, the front space was a mass of dead plants and weeds. The walkway was tight and narrow, sometimes called a “duck walk”, forcing visitors to line up single file a flock of mallards. To design a far better and striking entrance, the walk underwent considerable widening. The new walk makes excellent use of pavers and cast-in-place concrete steps. The entrance is emphasized with pilasters. The addition of an arbor denotes the yard’s transition to courtyard. The courtyard will ultimately include a fountain.

When considering the makeover of your own front yard landscaping, think about how to present your home as an appealing and welcoming place for family and friends. Focusing on the arrival experience presented by your front lawn entry is a great way to begin. Assuring that lawn, garden design and materials used in your landscape makeover are true to the architectural style of your home will create a breathtaking approach.