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Patio Landscaping

Patio landscaping ideas for planning, paving & décor for residential patios.

Rather than doing an upgrade to larger homes, many homeowners look to enlarge their living areas out-of-door to increase the value of their residential landscaping in Lemont. Patios become bigger, more luxuriant and protected. Patios are now centers of activity aimed at entertainment and relaxation. Beautifully designed patio landscaping will expand your living area and increase your home’s resale value.

A patio provides the underpinning for your out-of-doors’ living and enjoyment. So it must be resilient, quality-made and eye-catching. Design and material come in a wide variety, from classic to elegant to whimsical. Country Landscape and Supply designers are at your service in helping you decide the size, shape and manner that most suits your patio needs. Use the information here to starting gathering ideas for your new patio.

First and foremost, give careful thought to how your outdoor space will be used. Will it be a relaxing, morning coffee place for you and your spouse? Perhaps you plan to host great family barbecues? The style and kind of outdoor furniture that will best suit your outdoor lifestyle should also be taken into consideration. Do you want large table with plenty of chairs? How about an intimate conversation suite, complete with loveseat? Maybe a charming bistro set is just the ticket? When doing patio landscaping, patio function and furniture selection should be among your very first steps. They will greatly aid determining the perfect size, profile and layout of your new patio.

While developing a plan for new patio landscaping, scaled drawings and 3D renderings are of enormous help. They aid in the visualization of your new area and assure that the track you’re on is the right one. Perhaps you prefer a more realistic sense of your future design? Going with a house layout or scoring the patio’s edges with chalk or paint will allow for an actual walk-around, and be a great help in determining how viable your new plan is.

Patio Landscaping Photos

Follow these tips from Country Landscaping and Supply’s landscaping professionals:

  • Understand the important facts that should be considered prior to the selection of patio landscaping materials for your new build: like affordability, weather exposure, slip resistance and what it takes to maintain your selected materials.
  • Learn the average cost for concrete, bricks, pavers or a flagstone patio.
  • Learn about your best choices for your patio’s space. Should it be rectangular, round or free-form?
  • Consider your new patio landscaping’s layout, such as any existing conditions, how your site accommodates design, and furniture that complements and functions best.
  • Learn how breaking up a large patio can create visual interest and turn your outdoor space into multiple rooms.
  • Learn all about the enchantments of the right outdoor lighting for your patio.
  • Find out about ideas for using natural or hardscape walls and stepping to transform a bland patio landscaping into an inviting out-of-doors room, and what the specific advantages of a flagstone patio might be.
  • Learn how to determine what the typical dimensions are for primary patio furnishings.
  • Discover ways to select the best plant life that enhances your patio and outdoor living space.
  • Learn the best 6 core ideas for enhancing and accessorizing your new outdoor living space.
  • Find out the best way to select outdoor furniture, and see the best and most popular material and fabrics, like plastics, metals, teaks and all-weather wickers.
  • Discover great ideas for patio coverings and pergolas that offer stylish shade to your outdoor space.

Patios are no longer just a basic space to spend a limited amount of time out-of-doors. They are centers of attention, a natural extension of your home that invites your family and friends to dine, cook, socialize and relax in open-air style. Your patio’s design should be flexible and open enough to change right along with the activities that best suit you and your family.

Country Landscape and Supply’s landscape experts can help you design the perfect patio for your home and your budget. Often, our professionals may escort you to on-going projects during their planning phases to help you better visualize what to expect and make sound decisions about your own project. Begin by considering size, shape and layout of patios of family members and friends’ homes. Notice what appeals to you as well as what does not. Invest a bit of time and effort in prior planning, and you’ll be thrilled with the results of your own new patio.